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  • Author: Afridal Walda

    Failure of Smelt Spouts in Kraft Recovery Boilers

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    furnace section of recovery boiler & smelt stream Could trigger a smelt-water explosion capable of destroying the boiler Significance manifested through published set of recommendations for proper smelt cooling system design, operation & maintenance BLRBAC suggests annual replacement – Ensures that failures are rare, but

    Smelt Spout –

    Our smelt spout can be utilized on any recovery boiler, and it is suitable for your local boiler condition. Valmet has a high set goal to be able to supply spare parts for our customers. The smelt spout is based on proven technology, and our smelt spout area is a complete solution with tube openings, wall box, spout, hoods, shattering equipment …

    US7891325B2 – Cleaner for the smelt spout of a recovery …

    A cleaning apparatus for a smelt spout of a recovery boiler, which apparatus comprises a motorized cleaning member ( 7 ) for cleaning the smelt spout ( 1 ). The cleaning apparatus further comprises a path ( 5 ) and a cleaning unit, which comprises motorized transfer means for transferring the cleaning unit to the location of the smelt spout ( 1 …

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      (PDF) Understanding recovery boiler smelt runoff phenomena

      Smelt fluidity, the ability of smelt to flow out of recovery boiler spouts, is inversely related to smelt viscosity. Molten smelt has a viscosity value between 2.5 and 5 mPa*s, which is not affected appreciably by smelt composition and temperature. However, the viscosity increases drastically as …

      (PDF) Smelt spout corrosion in a recovery boiler

      Severe corrosion led to an in-service failure of one of the six spouts on a recovery boiler at Cenibra. The failure resulted in a large amount of cooling water entering the boiler and contacting smelt around the spout opening, but fortunately no smelt-water explosion occurred.

      US9228745B2 – Cleaner equipment for the smelt spouts of a …

      A cleaning unit for smelt spouts of a recovery boiler. A motorized cleaning member is configured to clean smelt spouts of a recovery boiler. A motorized transfer device is configured to transfer the cleaning unit from the location of a first smelt spout to the location of a second smelt spout.

      • Author: Hannu Koskela, Ari Saarela, Kalle Salmi

        4-1 Recovery Boiler Equipment and Operation

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        or on furnace at spout openings near hearth Spout cooling water system Agitated tank to dissolve smelt and make green liquor Shatter jets or other means to break up smelt stream as it enters the tank Sootblowers Use a steam jet to remove deposits Superheater Generating bank Economizer Large number mounted external to boiler –

        Smelt Spout Corrosion in a Recovery Boiler, 2010 TAPPI …

        Smelt Spout Corrosion in a Recovery Boiler, 2010 TAPPI/PAPTAC International Chemical Recovery Conference, 2010 TAPPI/PAPTAC International Chemical Recovery Conference Please Note : This document will be available in PDF format in the "My Electronic Documents" link on the home page once your order has been completed.

        Recovery boiler – Wikipedia

        • Recovery boiler is the part of Kraft process of pulping where chemicals for white liquor are recovered and reformed from black liquor, which contains lignin from previously processed wood. The black liquor is burned, generating heat, which is usually used in the process or in making electricity, much as in a conventional steam power plant. The invention of the recovery boiler by G.H. Tomlinson in the early 1930s was a milestone in the advancement of the kraft process. Recovery boilers are also u

          Valmet Smelt Spout Cleaning Robot improves safety

          Keeping recovery boiler smelt spouts clean is dirty, dangerous, and time consuming work. Valmet Smelt Spout Cleaning Robot improves safety helps operators improve safety and efficiency at recovery boilers. By continuing to use the site, you agree to the use of cookies.

          US Patent for Recovery boiler smelt spout Patent (Patent …

          A spout for a recovery boiler such as those used in the papermaking industry. As in prior art spouts of this type, the spout is provided with an internal cavity to thereby permit water cooling of the spout. By this invention, a duct is provided for the internal cavity, the duct applying a portion of the coolant liquid to specific areas of the …

          TAPPI PEERS Working Towards a Safer Recovery Boiler Operation

          Smelt Spout Robot Less personnel at the smelt spouts Standing or hanging, depending on spout deck layout 12 8/23/2016 Working Towards a Safer Recovery Boiler Operation …

          Understanding recovery boiler smelt runoff … – MAFIADOC.COM

          PEER-REVIEWED RECOVERY BOILER Understanding recovery boiler smelt runoff phenomena HONGHI TRAN, ANDREW K. JONES, AND THOMAS M. GRACE ABSTRACT: There is considerable interest in the nature and causes of heavy smelt runoff from recovery boilers because of the role it has played in numerous dissolving tank explosions and for personnel safety …


          Definition Recovery Boiler Recovery Boiler A boiler is a special unit used to purify the compound – an organic chemical compounds contained in Black Liquor (waste cooking from the digester) and at the same time as high-pressure steam generator (High Pressure Steam).

          A laboratory study of recovery boiler smelt shattering

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          A laboratory study of recovery boiler smelt shattering ANTON TARANENKO, MARKUS BUSSMANN, and HONGHI TRAN PEER-REVIEWED RECOVERY BOILER ABSTRACT: A scaled-down experimental apparatus was built to examine smelt shattering during typical recov-ery boiler operations. Water-glycerine solutions and air were used in place of smelt and steam. A high …

          Smelt Spout System

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          Recovery Tasks” The Smelt Spout System and Shatter-Max™ Dual Shatter Jet are just two of the many auxiliary products Valmet offers under its SMaRT™ product line. Please contact Valmet for information on more SMaRT™ products to fulfill your lower recovery boiler needs. Dan Morrison Product Manager Email:


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          Smelt spout corrosion in a recovery boiler, TAPPI JOURNAL …

          Smelt spout corrosion in a recovery boiler, TAPPI JOURNAL August 2010. Sign In. Cart ; TAPPI conference proceedings and presentations, technical papers, and publication articles provide technical and management data and solutions on topics covering the Pulp, Paper, Tissue, Corrugated Packaging, Flexible Packaging, Nanotechnology and Converting …


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          with a mnning decanting floor recovery boiler. The molten smelt samples were collected from a smelt spout, and cooled in the experimental apparatus. By measuring the intemal temperature histories, the cooldown characteristics were obtained and analyzed. The results showed …

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            Recovery boiler smelt spout – International Paper Company

            14/6/1988 · The remainder of the interior of furnace 12 contains fumes. The smelt and fumes are at elevated temperatures. The numeral 18 denotes generally the boiler spout of this invention, the spout emptying the hot smelt into a dissolving tank 20. The details of construction of the recovery boiler and of the dissolving tank are not part of this invention.

            • Authors: Colby Fahey · Minas A Souris · Francis Navojosky · Lester Pedron · Arthur Young · W…Affiliation: International Paper

              Reliable Cleaning of Recovery Boiler Smelt Spouts

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              Spout robot Our Spout robot efficiently removes smelt deposits from recovery boiler smelt spouts in a carefully designed sequence. The spout rodder ensures stable smelt flow, optimum cleaning and trouble free, safe boiler operation. The robot will keep your smelt spouts clean, saving you time and money. Easily integrated in any spout area


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              The black liquor recovery boiler presents problems of operation and safety that far exceed those of the conventional power boiler. It is primarily a chemical recovery process unit in which the organic materials in the black liquor are burned while the sodium salt is reduced and …

              Process Recovery Boilers

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              than 350 recovery boilers, B&W is committ ed to the pulp and paper industry by helping today’s energy- intensive mills become more competi ti ve and profi table. Our recovery boiler customers benefit from B&W’s industry leadership in uti lity boiler design. We can apply uti …

              RECOVERY BOILER

              20/10/2012 · Recovery boiler boiler is a special unit used for obtaining soda or to purify inorganic chemical compounds (chemical recovery) contained in the black liquor from the digester and the rest of the cooking as well as generating high-pressure steam (high pressure steam).


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              The heat source for the heat recovery project was the smelt dissolving tank vent gas from one of the mill’s two recovery boilers. In the chemical recovery process, molten smelt formed in the recovery boiler is fed to a dissolving tank where the smelt is dissolved in weak wash to form green liquor. Before mixing


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              BLRBAC COMMON PRACTICES Common Practices for Personnel Safety For Black Liquor Recovery Boilers Smelt Spout Deck Safety Considerations Condition Hazard Suggested Precautions Smelt splatter from spouts Chemical and temperature burns caused by splashing out of spout. Install a system/method to remotely adjust the angle of the shatter spray jet.


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              Unfortunately this has not solved the smelt spout premature failures, and efforts continue to understand the root causes. INTRODUCTION Critical to profitable operation of a kraft pulping operation is the availability of the kraft recovery boiler. Any forced downtime on the recovery boiler can result in significant loss of pulp or paper production.

              Recovery Boiler ~ Recovery Boiler’s Blog

              9/11/2012 · Recovery boiler boiler is a special unit used for obtaining soda or to purify inorganic chemical compounds (chemical recovery) contained in the black liquor from the digester and the rest of the cooking as well as generating high-pressure steam (high pressure steam).

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